Ricoh KR-10 Super

Owner's Manual

This owners manual has been copied without the permission of Ricoh. It is understood to be out of print and largely unavailable. If Ricoh consider this site to be a breach of their copyright, they should contact me and tell me so.

Several Ricoh SLR models of this vintage appear to be very similar in their controls and operation. My XR-10 is almost identical to the KR-10 Super documented in this manual. I believe the XR-10 was sold as the KR-10X in some markets. If your aperture-priority Ricoh SLR looks similar to the one shown on page 2, most of this manual probably applies (insert standard disclaimer here). If not, there is an on-line manual for the KR-10M at that may better suit your camera.

I have started a list of the minor differences between models on another page. I'd welcome any input.

I don't know much about this camera, or about cameras in general. If you want to know more about a Ricoh than is in the manual, your best bet is probably to ask on Ricoh UK's forum.

NEW! This whole manual can now be downloaded as a zip file...~250kB.

For Sale

My XR-10 seems to have suffered a light meter failure, and I retired it rather than trying to have it repaired.
Mechanically and cosmetically, it's in good condition. The light meter may be an easy fix, or it may not be. I have no use for it, but can't bring myself to throw it out.
If you're interested in this camera, let me know. It doesn't owe me much. It's located in Ballarat, Australia.
administration at timpaton dot net.

The manual is in 4 languages. I scanned the English language columns (i.e. half of each even-numbered page), ran Textbridge OCR software over it, and saved it as HTML. I then inserted the images, and the "next" and "previous" tags using a text editor. The images are, essentially, as-scanned. I have corrected some of the OCR errors, but some remain in the text (the original document contains some typographical and grammatical errors, as it typical of Japanese-written manuals of the time). If anybody wants to edit the HTML, clean it up and mail me a consistent set of pages, I'll upload them and credit the editor.

If anyone wants me to scan, OCR, format and post the German, French or Spanish texts, mail me for my hourly rates and bank account details :-)
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Last updated October 14 2001